From Linda Lyman...


As most of you know, Linda Jensen was a great friend to racing and to adoptions--we would not be getting dogs in the northeast if it were not for her dedication to both. She did not see racing and adoptions as "taking sides" but promoting and celebrating the whole life of the racing greyhound--I was honored to be her friend and I learned much about greyhounds, racing and adoptions from her. I know some of you had such a relationship with her as well. This picnic honors her life and helps to keep greyhounds coming to all of us in the northeast on a regular basis. We are fortunate to have Fred, Carlos and our suppliers who work to bring dogs to us--I know that some groups in other areas of the country  are not as fortunate and are having real trouble getting greyhounds. Its important to support this picnic to help with all of the expenses involved in transporting our precious cargo with care.

 Fred has 25 to 30  3 and 4 month old puppies!!! and if we are lucky and the mom delivers on time, we may see newly delivered puppies.  We have the usual raffle, food, fun run--which was a huge success last year--vendors!!, and naming rights of a very special puppy (more details to follow). Plus you get to meet each other and I can put names with faces!! 


We can use some help to sell raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets, admissions and help with the fun run. Of course set up and tear down are always a necessary evil and we could use help with those too. Raffle donations are welcome--dog and non-dog prizes are welcome!! If you are stuck for an idea, let me know and I can give you some suggestions.  If anyone would like to be a vendor or if you know of someone, they are welcome--we just ask for a raffle prize.

Linda can be reached at lelyman7@verizon.net